Polly Ratliff that Married Arnold Perry Aug. 8, 1816


Polly Ratliff’s father is being incorrectly identified  by researchers on the web and in ancestory.com as being a daughter of Nathan Ratliff born 1762

Nathan Ratliff, born 1763, in his WILL dated July 23, 1834, probated on 5 January, 1835, Nathan mentions all of his children.  He identifies four daughters, two he mentioned his son-in-laws.

The WILL recorded Vol. 5, Page 277 and 278 Montgomery Co. VA.

The 1810 Montgomery Co. VA census includes three female children in the Nathan Ratliff household:

two were born between 1800-1810,

one was born between 1784-1793.

There is a marriage between Sarah Sally Ratliff born 1792 and Jonas Altizer in 1819. They were both mentioned in the will and accounts for the one girls identified in the 1810 census. Rebecca born 1789, that married John Akers in 1806 before the 1810 census, is also mentioned in the will. Mary & Martha are the ONLY possibility for the two females born between 1800-1810 identified in the 1810 Montgomery Co. census. The two sons-in-law were also mentioned, so one would assume that Mary & Martha were not married at the time the will was made since no son-in-laws are identified for them. The will was probated on 5 January, 1835, Mary & Martha would have been between ages 20-34. It is possible one or both were not married at the time the will was made.

Reviewing the 1810 census data it is clear that neither Mary or Martha mentioned in Nathan's will can be the Polly Ratliff born between 1793-1795 that married Arnold Perry in Floyd Co. KY Aug. 8, 1816. To determine what happened to Mary and Martha after 1810 one can find them in a review of the census data for the William Ratliff line in Floyd Co. KY.  In 1820 Mary and Martha were living with their uncle James Ratliff in Floyd Co. KY. This is confirmed by a review of the 1810 to 1820 census for James Ratliff born about 1768. They remained in the household in the1830 census and until Uncle James passed away around the same time as Nathan, about 1835. Martha Polly then moved into  the household with brother John, son of Nathan. She eventually married George Robertson in 1837. Mary Louisa moved into the household of cousin Elizabeth Ratliff that married Elis Baswell/Bazell in 1827. She continued to live with Elizabeth until her death after 1880. She always used her middle name Louisa so not to be confused with her cousin Mary, daughter of James. Mary never married but may have had two daughters Rebecca born 1846 and Martha born 1844. These two girls moved from Pike Co. KY to Lawrence Co. Ohio when Mary and Elizabeth went to Ohio. These girls were living in other households in the 1860 census. The relationship between Mary Louisa and these girls has not been confirmed and additional research is necessary. Mary Louisa lived with Elizabeth so many years that she considered her a sister.

I have always listed Polly Ratliff that married Arnold Perry as a daughter of Richard Ratliff, son of William Ratliff born 1730.  I am now able to confirm that relationship is also incorrect. I now believe she is not a direct descendant of the William Ratliff born 1730 line. More research is necessary to discover the correct Ratliff line she belongs to. There are a couple of other possible male Ratliff’s not in the William Ratliff born 1730 line  in the Floyd Co. area during the time of Polly’s marriage. I will post updates here  as research is completed. If you would like additional in on the family of Richard Ratliff please drop me an email and let me know how you are related to this family.

Please update your family history files and websites and advise others to make corrections.

Jack Perry

ggg-grandson of Arnold Perry & Polly Ratliff

March 1, 2011